First preserved from demolition in 1954 by the Houston Heritage Society, the Kellum-Noble House is perhaps Solid Rock Constructors’ most notable project. Located in Sam Houston Park in downtown Houston, the Kellum-Noble house is Houston’s oldest surviving structure, remaining on the same site as when it was originally built in 1847. At 167 years old, this historic building was in need of a complete restoration and structural stabilization. Solid Rock Constructors gave this house – once a home, once the site of Houston's first public school, and now a museum – a completely fresh and re-stabilized foundation.

From new concrete beams in the foundation, to new floorboards and roofing and utilities, we partnered with IC Coatings to ensure that the Kellum-Noble House’s contributions to the history of the city of Houston can continue in safety and dignity, while its historic structure and design remained intact.

Read about the Kellum-Noble House and its history (Link to this article? Or Heritage Society’s page on the Kellum-Noble House):

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