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Cilento Facial Plastics | Texas Sinus & Snoring

This was a custom-design built medical office. Packaged with beautifully placed brass inlays in floor, built-in backlight behind wall panels, pure brass logos and lettering, polished solid concrete floating sinks and concrete/epoxy/tile floors, cast-in-place concrete wall with lettering among other unique design ideas. Challenging designs like this make for an interesting process and a great finished product. 

Phase 1: Plumbing stub outs, re-concreting the perimeter, framing walls, polishing floors with brass inlays, acoustical ceilings, drywall, carpentry, paint. 

Phase 2: Cast-in-place concrete wall with embedded company logo, tiling and floor finishing including epoxy floors, custom cut solid brass logo and lettering with a marble wall, countertops, and finishing touches. 

Final Photos